Our hero awakens to the news their house will soon be evicted unless the debt is paid off. Explore the city and help others to resolve the situation.

You can also play this game in the Gameboy emulator of your choice (I recommend VisualBoy Advance). Simply download the "Toothpick Quest II.gb" file and open the file in your emulator.


Z / J / ALT = A Button - Interact/Dash (for platforming areas)

X / K / CTRL = B Button - Jump (for platforming areas)

Arrow Keys/WASD = D-Pad  - Move


Toothpick Quest Ver 1.1.2.gb 512 kB

Install instructions

Once you've downloaded the game, open the rom with your emulator of choice (I recommend VisualBoy Advance). This can be done using either the "File > Open" option or by dragging and dropping directly into the emulator itself.

You will have to configure the controls yourself, however. Follow this guide if you are using VisualBoy Advance.

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